Re-Invention Tour - Setlist

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The setlist of the Re-Invention Tour promoted her American Life album, while also revisiting several of her 80s and 90s hits.

French Baroque Segment

The Beast Within (intro)
Nobody Knows Me

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Military Segment

American Life
Express Yourself
Burning Up
Material Girl

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Circus Segment

Hollywood (interlude)
Hanky Panky
Deeper And Deeper
Die Another Day

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Acoustic Segment

Bedtime Story (video interlude)
Nothing Fails
Don't Tell Me
Like A Prayer
Mother And Father (with Intervention interlude)

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Scottish Segment

Into The Groove (with bag pipes intro)
Papa Don't Preach (with American Life reprise)
Crazy For You

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Swim was originally considered in the place of Frozen as the Chris Cunningham backdrop video was first cut to the album track. 

Madonna rehearsed I'm So Stupid on the electric guitar (as seen in I'm Going To Tell You A Secret). It was replaced by Dress You Up, but Madonna had a hard time learning to play the song, so tour director Jamie King convinced Madonna to perform Material Girl instead, which became the final song of the military segment of the show just 4 weeks prior the tour kickoff.

Reportedly the 1920s torch song Devil Wouldn't Recognize You from the Hello Suckers! musical was meant to be premiered on this tour.

Apparently Madonna didn't want the word "good-bye" to appear in any of the songs she was going to sing, thus making the likes of Take A Bow or The Power Of Good-Bye left out.

Madonna did change some elements of the show during the tour. She wore the gold corset for the shows in the US, Toronto, Slane, Lisbon and the 2nd show in Arnhem. For the British and French shows as well as the first Dutch show, she had a lilac corset. Her shirt during Papa Don't Preach read either "Kabbalists Do It Better", either "Italians Do It Better", while the Brits and Irish fans got their own shirt: "Brits Do It Better" and "Irish Do It Better". There were also 2 versions for Don't Tell Me: the French version with the Paris background and the British "Bittersweet Symphony" version with London background (used in the British shows, Slane, Lisbon and the 2nd Arnhem show).

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