Madame X Tour - Setlist

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The setlist of the Madame X Tour promotes her Madame X album.

1st Segment

God Control
Dark Ballet
Human Nature / Express Yourself

2nd Segment

Madame X Manifesto (interlude)
I Don't Search I Find
Papa Don't Preach / American Life

3rd Segment

Coffin (interlude)
Fado Pechincha
Killers Who Are Partying
Welcome to my Fado Club / La Isla Bonita
Extreme Occident

4th Segment

Rescue Me (interlude)
Come Alive
Crave (Tracy Young Remix)
Like A Prayer
I Rise


Papa Don't Preach was dropped from the setlist on the European tour. Crave was removed after a few Lisbon shows.
Starting in London, there were two versions of the setlist. Every second night in row, Madonna would perform a shorter version of the show, starting with Vogue.
On Nov. 25, Swae Lee joined Madonna to sing Crave. Dino d'Santiago performed on Sodade on the Lisbon shows.
On several shows Madonna performed a cover song a capella. On the first two Lisbon shows, she sang Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love". On the London show of Feb. 5 she did part of Don't Cry For Me Argentina, as Andrew Lloyd Webber was in the crowd. The next day, she covered Simon & Garfunkel's classic "The Sound of Silence".

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